How did you learn how to draw? I have always loved to draw since I was a little kid. I think just practicing constantly was a big part of it. My family always supported my love for drawing and painting, and they bought me books on anatomy and proportion which improved my skills even more.

What medium is your favorite? I really love drawing with chalk and charcoal. Most of my work is done in that medium. However, my favorite pieces that I have done are my oil paintings.


Do you take commissions? Yes! If you are interested in having me build you a costume or prop, please read over my client requirements and fill out a commission request form HERE.

How long did that costume take you to make? It really depends on the complexity of the character design. Most people are surprised to hear that my Enclave Power Armor only look me three weeks to build, but when you break it down, the armor design is very simple. Compare that to a detailed armor build like my Daedric armor which took me three months of work. All the little details that really make the character add up.

What are your costumes made out of? The majority of my costumes and props are all made out of EVA foam. EVA foam is the same material that those interlocking foam floor mats are made out of. Using different techniques, I’m able to shape flat pieces of foam into any shape.

Which costume was the most difficult? I think that my Doom Praetor Suit was my most challenging. I had to implement all of the techniques that I have learned over the previous 4 years of costume fabrication.


What programs do you use? I am fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Bridge, CorelDraw and WordPress. I use them both professionally and for personal projects like my cosplay edits.

How did you learn these programs? I have taken classes for Indesign and CorelDraw, but most of what I know is self taught. I am constantly practicing and sharpening my skills on my own personal time because I find it so rewarding and I love to push myself to be better.